Why do I care about some people?

So many people I try to care for and in the end, they don’t even care about me.  FUCK OFF.

Is your PH level over 7?


Someday in the future, there will be hope.

All the poverty, war and evil will be smote by creation.

Today we can carry on, push forward and cure those who mope.

We are on the verge of a revolution; only moving forward to evolution.

Sorrow of Tomorrow.

My bleak past has conjured a void in the place my heart once pumped.

Melancholy emits daily, and with every step my I feel the blade of regret stabbing deeper into my core.

As my heart dropped into the desolate ocean of my stomach to sail for an eternity, I began to wonder sailors adapt to this sea sickness.

The sun radiates with cancer and I am locked in the gloom of my room thinking about the dismal life given to me by the people who’ve abandoned me.

Dejectedly forced to continue to stay alive by those whom suffer as well burns the front lobe of my brain.

Life does offer one momentous, passionate and utterly desirable aspect which I unfortunately cannot receive today.  The single most delicate gift that life presents is death.

Aren’t I lovely?
The epitome of the world!
Courageous and mighty is one understatement,
for I am many things far more than just great.
What this world is, I have made.
Around my time I will never fade,
And after my time I’ll stay precious like jade.
To be great is just my fate.
I can’t escape destiny; it’s been whirled
Into a vortex of my epitome.
Aren’t I lovely?

Hello there.

the angel from my nightmare.

a backwards compatibility.

The elegant nature in her sway,

a loud parade in her way,

makes her move one direction,

into the sun, just a lot of fun.

No bad intention,

with some slight intervention,

she finds the one of her affection,

and they walk towards the moon around noon.

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this song is beautiful

what is love, how is love, when is love, who is love, why is love.

Love is the most common motif in human nature, but what is love?  I bet there are some people saying, “it’s an emotion of strong gravity towards a certain item or person” maybe in a different words of course.  Humans make such a big deal out of it though, of course we do stupid things for the ones that we love because we feel obligated to.  It just confuses me, why?  First of all, what makes us love another person.  Most would say personality, and I would agree, but how much do looks, social status and other physical attributes contribute to this love of personality?  To some people, none of that matters, and that’s very good for them, but i can’t see myself being in love with someone that’s utterly disgusting.  I might be shallow but i guess thats just my personality, but then again, being 150 kg overweight does show something about personality.  It shows that they are lazy when it comes to exercising, or they have no self control around food.  I don’t know exactly where i’m going with this, but i’ve been inspired to talk about love because of the song “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey.  

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