a guy named tuan introduced me to them.  

i always joked around with anti jokes but i never knew they were called anti jokes.

i didnt even know there were popular ones.

my anti jokes were just like: person, “hey, you know what’s funny?” Me:”jokes”

things like that.  

my friend vincente got me into that type of humor though.

anyhow, ill share some anti jokes

1. what did the kid with no arms and legs get for christmas?


2. how do you make a plumber cry?

you kill his family.

3. whats sad about 4 black guys in a car driving off a cliff?

they were my friends

4. how many dead babies can you fit into a bathtub?


5. your mama is so old.. shes about to die soon.

6. what do you call an asian that walks into your house?

by their name.

7. what do you call a man that is in need of medical assistance?

an ambulance.

8. whats worst than finding a worm in your apple?

the holocaust.

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